Sports tournaments trading cards for charity

Sport Helping-Others

So sometimes it's hard to justify our choice of home entertainment. In the back of our minds time can always be spent solving some great tragedy of humanity, or contributing to a cause bigger than us all. Donation drives are excellent mobilization points for communities who fall short of their deed doing quota. E sports is no exception.

The joining of charity and gaming has now become a regular and annual tradition. Marathon streaming sessions let players offer entertainment, community and prizes in exchange for awareness and donations to their charity of choice. They have adopted the late 20th century format of the telethon and it has done wonders for a sort of disparate and distributed community gaming Sites such as makes setting up your own site as easy as possible. Charities such as Child's Play and Special Effect organized days for larger sites and streamers who band together for multiple channels and schedules.

E sports has taken steps to further organize entire events for the benefit of charities, just as Live Aid did for televised music in 1985.

This weekend the folks at Kinguin have put together an all-star Hearthstone Tournament featuring world champion, top-tier players from across the globe. The winners and runners-up all get to donate a portion of their winnings and a silent auction is being run alongside the event for signed team merchandise and accessories. Winners also got unique 15% off kinguin promo codes.

The reason Hearthstone was chosen as the proving ground for major international charity E sports tournaments is that it is currently one of the most popular games on Twitch. Every day thousands of people spend hours watching the best players in action. The idea to combine business and pleasure engages the spectators in this amazing cause and Hearthstone fans love a chance to prove that they don't have hearts of stone.

We also give a chance to unknown players to compare their skills with the professionals. 15 invited pros face off against an amateur wildcard with a chance to show off some skills on a worldwide stage. All this action is televised or streamed and there are ways for fans to get involved during the streaming, all with an emphasis on donating to Child's Play.

It is not the first time in E sports tournament has been put together for charity, but it is certainly the one with the most global appeal. South Africa has raised funds for a charity, which focuses on vulnerable and orphaned children in sub-Saharan.