CRI - The Cancer Research Institute

The Cancer Research Institute Helping-Others

CRI is dedicated to researching and harnessing the power of the immune system to cure all cancers. It is the leading nonprofit organization in the world. All of the important work the CRI has been conducting is bringing us to a whole new class of treatments to conquer cancer named immunotherapy. The results of these treatments are overwhelming. They have strengthened, mobilized and sustained the natural ability of the immune system to kill cancer cells no matter the placement in the body.

The CRI has awarded and will continue to give out grants/fellowships to scientist at research clinics and universities around the globe who support immunotherapy. The Scientific Advisory council decides who is awarded the funding. The council consists of many famous immunologists as well as tumor immunologist which includes, National Academy of Sciences members, Academy of Cancer Immunology members, and Nobel Prize winners.

In order to fund this research, CRI, relies greatly on generous and compassionate foundations, corporations, and individuals who have the passion to become a partner in the efforts to overcome cancer with immunology. Please join us in our quest to find the next innovative breakthrough in the treatment of cancer. Our scientific volunteers, partners, and leadership board are dedicated to finding a cure for cancer.